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Since first coming to Naples in 2005, I fell absolutely in love with this town. The beauty and attention to detail was so attractive that I knew I wanted to form a life here. I quickly realized that Naples had so much to offer a person from the unmatched scenery of nature, to the more man made things like the plethora of national and international dining options, fine art establishments, and the differing architectural styles that lined each street. 


Being a real estate photographer here in Naples is serious business. I take great pride in paying attention to the details that will make a home display it's best. In order to do this you have to balance light, angles, and technology, which will give your home the professional look it needs. Homes in this area are not your normal "Northern or Midwest" style, here they all pack a certain charisma which makes it so much fun to photograph. 


When not photographing real estate, I thouroughly enjoy capturing the natural world and have many stock images that showcase Southwest Florida. 

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