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As a real estate professional, listing agent or buyer's agent, first impressions are everything. From how appropriately you dress to how well you speak, a client's perception of your value to them is often determined at the very moment you meet. If you spend time and money perfecting your first impression as a person, you owe it to your listings too.

The difference in quality of photos is clear. Here are some other time and resource consuming things that you do not always think about:


  • Go to the listing at the perfect time of day for the best photos

  • Schedule with homeowner around their schedule

  • Arrange perfect scenes for most marketable photos

  • Save, rename and edit photos

  • Uploading to the web


As a real estate professional, focus on helping your client and leave the photos up to the photographers. CONTACT me to discuss your project and get a free quote.

Above you will see the difference between a typical realtor photo and an image from Marc Minisci Photography. Although the differing in the level of quality between a typical image and a professional image is clear, I also

offer an even high level of quality available, depending

on the needs of the client.


Your images can be presented in two different quality options, Professional Quality and Magazine Quality. While both images are of a very high standard, I do recommend Magazine Quality for print and other high grade marketing material. 

On the right you will see a comparison between the professional and magazine quality images. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing and project options

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